Meal Plans Designed for You

Vol Dining offers a variety of flexible meal plans tailored to your unique lifestyle and schedule. Enjoy convenient, delicious dining options across campus that support your health and wellness goals.

Welcome to Meal Plan Orientation!

Discover details about our comprehensive and flexible meal plan offerings for the upcoming school year.

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Build Your Meal Plan

Finding your perfect meal plan is simple with Vol Dining. We offer options for every student, from those who need unlimited meals to those who prefer occasional dining. Our plans ensure you have access to quality, delicious meals whenever hunger strikes.

How to Sign Up

Freshmen on Campus

Designed for first-year residents, this meal plan offers unlimited dining hall access perfect for adjusting to campus life.

Commuters & Upperclassmen

Ideal for commuting students, this flexible plan includes meal swipes and Dining Dollars for convenient, nutritious dining at various campus locations.

Using Your Meal Swipes

To access your meal swipes, simply tap your phone upon entry into Rocky Top or Stokely dining halls, and tap at the register at Southern Kitchen.

Meal Plan Periods

We offer three meal plan periods each day:

What is Cash Equivalency?

Cash equivalency provides flexibility to your meal plan, allowing you to use your meal plan at select casual restaurants and markets across campus. Exchange a meal swipe during a meal period (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) in exchange for a visit to a dining hall.

If you use cash equivalency during a meal period, you will have to wait until the next period to use a meal swipe in the dining hall.

When spending more than the equivalency rate, you can use Dining Dollars, credit, debit or VolCard to cover the remaining balance.

Cash Equivalency Rates:

  • Unlimited Plans = $5.50
  • Weekly & Block Plans = $8.00

Easily Manage Your Plan

Keep track of your remaining meal swipes and Dining Dollars on VolCard account or view your receipt after a purchase at any dining location.

Every Vol Dining plan includes guest meals per semester to share with family or friends.

Running low? You can upgrade your meal plan or purchase additional Dining Dollars.


Your meal plan is located on your VolCard account, which is accessible through the GET app on your phone. To use your meal plan, simply tap your phone at the register.

Swipes cover meals in the dining halls and cash equivalency at retail locations. Dining Dollars are accepted at all Vol Dining locations.

All meal plans come with a certain number of guests meals, which you can use for family, friends or yourself anytime throughout the semester. (paragraph break) To use your guest meals, you simply need to notify the cashier before paying.

Breakfast: $9.62, Lunch: $11.64, Dinner: $14.70