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Meal Equivalency

Meal Equivalency logoMeal Equivalency is a special feature for students with a Dining Plan. It gives students the opportunity to add variety by exchanging one residential (PCB Café, Fresh Food Company or Southern Kitchen) Meal Swipe, for a meal of equal value at a retail location or convenience store.


Ex. A student wants to eat Chick-fil-A for dinner instead of PCB Café. They have the option of using a Meal Swipe to cover $4.85 of the purchase. If the total is $5.85, $4.85 is covered by the Meal Equivalency and the student would only pay the extra $1.00 with credit, debit, VolCard or Dining Dollars.


One Meal Equivalency may be used per meal period, i.e.: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Meal Equivalency and a Meal Swipe may not be used during the same meal period.

Ex. If a student has used a Meal Swipe for breakfast, they may not use the M.E. option for breakfast. The student may use one or the other, but not both in the same meal period. 

See the information below for the times our retail locations accept Meal Equivalency as well as the dollar amount that is covered by the Meal Swipe.

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Hodges & Stokely POD Locations Only